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filtration technologies

Learn more about the various purification technologies used in our Claris filtration systems by clicking on the + symbols on the filter image.

Technical components



Particle filter

Made of carefully selected fiber materials our particle filters remove sediment and coarse particles. This pre-filtration prevents the purification system from clogging.

Ion exchange resin

Our ion exchange resin reduces water hardness and effectively removes toxic heavy metals such as lead through strong adsorption. The resin also partially retains calcium to prevent limescale from forming in your appliance. Our resins have been developed and produced exclusively for Claris products, and they reflect the highest standard in our industry.

Activated carbon adsorption

Our activated carbon adsorption process eliminates chlorine and other bad-tasting contaminants as well as organic pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, or hormones. Because coconut shell activated carbon has an extremely high number of adsorption cavities (micropores) per volume, it has an active internal surface of more than 1000 m2 per gram of carbon.

Mineral stabilization

Our filters stabilize healthy minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. By converting minerals into a modified form, this patent-protected technology prevents scale buildup ans keeps your water healthy and tasty. 

Carbon block microfilter

Our micro filtration process combines the newest carbon block and microfiber technologies to remove microplastics and particles as well as organic pollutants.