In-tank water filters

Our water filters are suitable for unpressurized use in the tank of your appliances. Whether used in appliances for making coffe or tea, humidifying, or ironing, our filtration systems are individually developed and designed specifically for each application.  

Claris is the No. 1 brand worldwide for OEM in-tank water filters

Coffee is not tea ... and tea is not soda. 

Water's mineral composition and content as well as its acidity strongly influence the taste of beverages. We individually design our products to provide the perfect water for coffee, tea, and other hot and cold beverages. 


We customize the capacity, design, and connectivity of our in-tank water filters to your individual needs.

Endless possibilities for connecting our in-tank water filters
Our filters are designed and developed specifically for your appliances and systems. Get in touch with our experts so we can discuss your individual needs.

Gerold Zinner
Gerold Zinner

Global Director Sales
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Claris in-tank filters for BONECO air humidifiers
Claris in-tank filters are used in air humidifiers made by BONECO, the world's leading manufacturer of premium air treatment solutions.