In-line cartridge filters

Our cartridge filters can be installed in feed water pipes. The cartridge's modular design allows it to be completely customized to your needs, resulting in optimum water quality.

Claris is the No. 1 brand for in-line water purification systems.

Optimum limescale protection

Our unique bypass function allows you to make adjustments based on your local water hardness, thus maximizing the lifetime of your filter. Our patented DuoBlend® technology ensures that this bypass function is adjusted correctly at different pressure ranges – to protect your instrument wherever and whenever it is used.

Claris modular filtration systems can be customized for a wide range of uses in many business sectors.

Food service

  • Limescale protection and flavor balance for coffee machines
  • Limescale and corrosion protection for steamers
  • Taste optimization in vending machines and cold water dispensers


  • Prevention of white dust caused by air humidifier systems
  • Purification of cooling water circuits for laser cutting
  • Water softening for bright results in industrial dishwashing


  • Limescale prevention for instant boiling kitchen faucets
  • Removal of pollutants and microplastics for household tap water systems
  • Point-of-entry filters for eliminating chlorine and any off-flavors

Medical / Lab

  • Deionization of water for laboratory use
  • Reduction of carbonate hardness and pH adjustment for medical uses
  • Microfiltration to prevent equipment from clogging

Videos of our products

TRUMPF laser cutting machine
Instead of changing your water, treat it with our Easy Filter .



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Ludwig Weber

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