We create value with our comprehensive expertise

It is not the mastery of a single step that makes a project successful, it is the mastery of the whole process. This is what sets us apart - our expertise spans the whole process, from conception through to certification of the finished product.

Engineering / CAD

We have access to a large network of engineering, computer-aided design (CAD) and tooling specialists. Our team of experts will accompany you from the conception of your idea until project completion.


We help you specify the right water quality for your purposes and find the optimal water filter design - for both in-tank and in-pipe multistage filtration systems.

Injection molding

Our Swiss team in Rebstein has many years of injection molding experience and access to a wide variety of high-tech equipment. Our products are precision-made in Switzerland.

RFID programming

Our network of sister companies enables us to design, develop, and manufacture customized radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware and software solutions.

Automated assembly

Our facilities are fitted out with modular, fully automated assembly and packaging equipment to ensure fast, cost-effective, and high-quality production.


We have extensive certification expertise to help you with drinking water and food safety certification procedures. Our products have been successfully introduced into most countries around the globe.